The "More Pots" Pages

The "More Pots" pages use a basic template page with just the banner and
navigation bar elements. The area where text normally is written was expanded
downward. Using a right-click on that area I inserted the following HTML in the
"HTML inside" area:

var url=document.URL;
var pos=url.indexOf("?");
var newurl="/pots.php";
if(pos>0) {newurl="/pots.php"+url.substr(pos);};
document.write('<iframe height="100%" name="Aframe" width="100%"
id="Aframe" src='+newurl+'> </iframe>');

This code looks for optional parameters passed in the URL, for example,

includes the optional parameter: ?p=5

If there are optional parameters the code appends them to "/pots.php". The
resulting URL is used as the source for an iframe that occupies the entire text

The pots.php script then uses the parameters to select the data to be shown.