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Orange Shino on B-Mix

I've been working with a new clay body (for me) - B-Mix with grog from Aardvark. It works well for large pots. This vase is 19 inches tall.

Large Vase with wine coolers

The vase is flanked by some wine coolers (bisque-fired pots that can be soaked in water and will keep a wine bottle cool after it has been opened).

The vase was glazed with Orange Shino glaze from Aardvark. The top part of the vase was glazed with Snow Cap Shino, a simple glaze from Tom Coleman's glaze book. The Orange Shino glaze on B-mix is orange when it is thin but has a metallic sheen when it is thicker. The bowl shown below is another example.

Orange Shino Bowl, side view

The bowl is shown on a wooden coffee table. The bowl was glazed by spinning it on a wheel and pouring the glaze into it. The bowl continued to spin while the glaze dried so the glaze was thinner on the bottom of the bowl than on the sides. You can see that the bowl is orange on the bottom. Before firing I placed some peanut shells in the bowl. Here is a view of the bowl from the top.

Orange Shino Bowl, top view

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