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Nice Glazes

I did another glaze firing in October. (Busy with family and friends and holidays since then.) Several of the pots were glazed similarly. Ida's White is a glaze formula that I got from the Blossom Hills Crafts studio in Los Gatos, CA. It produces a creamy white mat surface. Adding some red iron oxide (RIO) results in a beige color. I added a little too much RIO so the fired glaze was a pretty dark beige - more like brown.

I applied the glazes by dipping. Where the Beige and Ida's white overlap the color is a lighter beige.

A Vase/Jar

The dark spots (freckles) are caused by the iron in the clay body - "Long Beach" from Aardvark.

3-color jar/vase

A Bowl

This one doesn't have freckles because the clay body, "Hopkin's White" from Aardvark, doesn't have iron in it.

3-color bowl
Another view:
3-color bowl

A Pasta Bowl

3-color pasta bowl

A Pitcher

3-color pitcher

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Author: robbie pett matthews 2011-01-06 02:43:09 GMT
Roy - this is Lou Ann's daughter from NJ I just found Carolyns letter to Mom from last year with this information in it. I hope Carolyn told you about Mom's passing on Dec14,2010. She had been doing so well, the dementia had seemed to plateau according to her DR, but a heart attack - no warning.

Beautiful pieces! You are so talented!
robbie pett matthews
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