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New Pots in Kiln
New pots in kiln

I started throwing pots again. I'm trying to fill up the kiln. I'm using up the clay that I brought from San Jose.

The lighter-colored pots are mostly "Sculpture Raku" clay body. There is a bit of some other clay bodies also since this is all recycled clay. I found that this clay body works well for making goblets. The browner-colored clay is "T2";. It has no grog - very smooth. I tried to make goblets with it but they would fall apart when I was forming the stem.

There is an amazing video on YouTube showing how to make a goblet with only one hand. YouTube has some other great videos of Claudio Reginato. Take a few minutes and watch a master at work.

2009-09-09 21:13:03 GMT Comments (1 total)
Author: Roy 2009-09-17 17:08:03 GMT
Looks only half full
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