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Vegas Red ... or not

One of the glazes sold by Aardvark is called "Vegas Red". It's one of the glazes formulated by Tom Coleman, a local pottery expert. It needs to be fired in a reduction (oxygen starved) environment. So far, I have not had much success.

I tried to do a reduction firing a couple of months ago and the Vegas Red pots came out mostly gray (with hints of red).

Last week I tried a firing procedure used by the University Of California at San Diego's ceramics studio. They have a Geil kiln with an atmosphere controller. That's what I have. The difference is that their's is a DLB-40S (See http://kilns.com) and mine is a smaller DL-18F so I was not surprised when their firing procedure did not work for me. My kiln did not reach the desired temperature within the time allotted so I extended the time. Some of the pots came out mostly gray again.

One of the pots was a large bowl (12 cm high, 32.5 cm wide). Although it did not come out all red it did come out looking good. Here it is. It is resting on a black and white granite counter top.

Top View

Vegas Red bowl top view

Side View

Vegas Red bowl side view

The bowl was thrown using T2 clay from Clay Planet (in San Jose, CA). It is a smooth, tan clay body. The iron from the clay body caused the dark streaks.

I'll try another Vegas Red firing some time but for now I am avoiding it. I'd be interested in hearing how other potters are getting high-fired red results.

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